Bayco SL-740L 25' OSHA NRTL Compliant Extension Cord w/Lighted Ends & 3 Outlets - 15amp

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Bayco, SL-740L25' OSHA NRTL Compliant Extension Cord w/Lighted Ends & 3 Outlets - 15amp,

The extension cord brings electric power beyond the source, to places that are difficult to reach or where outlets may be scarce. Its NEMA 5-15R rating is the standard rating for 3-prong plugs used with most electronics and extension cords.

Bayco SL-740L Extension Cord with Lighted Ends and 3 Outlets - 25-Feet - 14/3 Gauge is OSHA D NRTL compliant. It comes with a single male plug and a 3 outlet female end. Both ends light up when power is applied.

This cord is 25-feet in length with a 14/3 gauge, SJTW cold weather-rated cord rated at 15-amps.

Bayco is the established leader in next generation task lighting systems incorporating innovative technology for all types of lighting applications.



  • OSHA NRTL Compliant
  • Cold weather-rated to remain flexible
  • Single male plug and 3 outlet female
  • Lighted outlet so you know you have power
  • Rated at 15amps



UPC: 017398101615

Cord Length: 25

Cord Gauge: 14/3

Cord Jacket: SJTW

Cord Color: Yellow

Power Source: AC

Package Contents: Extension Cord

Warranty: 1 Year Limited