Adenna, NPF885 Nitrile Powder Free Textured Fingers, Blue Gloves

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     Adenna NPF885 Nitrile Powder Gloves

Adenna NPF Nitrile Powder Free Exam Gloves are the "old school" nitrile gloves that they are made thicker than our Miracle®, Precision® and WNF nitrile exam gloves.

The average finger thickness is 5.5 mil, suitable for more "rugged" and rough applications and wear.

Latex-free, powder-free, odor-free examination gloves are 100% synthetic nitrile polymer for those allergic to natural latex protein. Special thermal polymer compound conforms to users' hands. Material exerts virtually no pressure on hands. Textured fingertips on gloves provide strong grip for both wet and dry applications.

These gloves, formulated with 100% synthetic nitrile polymer, are latex free, powder free and odor free. Although these gloves are thicker, they are still much softer and more elastic than most other brands of nitrile gloves of the same thickness.

The NPF nitrile gloves provide superior puncture, tear and chemical resistance to latex gloves. The textured surface provides strong grip for both wet and dry applications.

Color: Blue

* Textured

* 5.5 Mil Thickness

* XS - XL

* 100 pcs per box, 90 pcs for XL, 10 boxes per case