Allegro® Industries 9500-55 8" Plastic Storage Duct Canister

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Allegro® Industries, 8" Plastic Storage Duct Canister

Protect your 8 in. ducting from rips and wear during transport with this Storage and Transport Canister from Allegro.

Capable of storing 25 foot of ducting in a lightweight and tough canister, this protective sleeve extends the life of your ducting by keeping it safe while moving from job to job.

Strong and lightweight (at only 7 lbs), the Storage Canister is constructed from Linear Low Density Polyethylene, with a built-in handle making transport around the work site a breeze.

The lid is can be fully secured with a strap and buckle.

Great for confined space worksites where forced ventilation is needed such as sewer access work, wastewater management, professional tank cleaning and petrochemical work –oil rigs, tankers, gas works—the Plastic Storage Duct is a great tool for any site where remote ventilation is routine.