AO Safety, 16644-00000 Splash Goggle Gear

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   AO Safety 16644-00000 Splash GoggleGear

AOSafety Splash GoggleGear for Lexa Eyewear.

Ultra-lightweight design features patented ellipsoidal Lexa lens that extends the viewing range, even peripherally.

Not bulky like other goggles, Splash GoggleGear offers a contoured, low-profile design.

Soft PVC shroud gently hugs the face, and indirect ventilation allows cooling air flow to prevent fogging.

Comes fully assembled with Lexa eyewear. DX anti-fog hardcoat resists fogging, scratching, static, and most chemicals.

Meets ANSI Z87.1-2003 High Impact and CSA
GoggleGear Lens provides a wider view of the work area than traditional impact goggles and includes vent channels at top and bottom for improved airflow and comfort.

DX™ anti-fog hard coat guards against fogging scratching static and chemical attack.

Medium size.

Meets ANSI Z87.1-2003 when GoggleGear is worn with Lexa