ATI PW260 Pow-R-Wrap 2"X60 Pipe Repair Kit

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POW-R WRAP+ - Industrial Strength, Water Activated Fibreglass Tape, Pipe & Hose Repair Kit - 2" x 60" suitable for pipes up to 1 1/2"

The complete kit includes:
• A sealed foil pouch including the resin impregnated wrap
• Epoxy putty
• Gloves
• Clear plastic clamshell packaging with full color insert and instructions.

This water-activated, fiberglass tape permanently repairs almost any piping including plastic, copper, steel, galvanized, rubber and tile pipe. Will even work underwater! It contains no harmful solvents and is approved for use with potable water. Each package comes pre-mixed and pre-measured to insure a minimum of 8 complete wraps around a pipe (enough for high pressure applications up to 300 psi).

POW-R WRAP+ is an industrial strength pipe and hose repair kit. No tools needed ! Water activated fiberglass tape sets like steel. Repairs almost any surface permanently! Copper. Steel. Galvanized pipe. All plastic pipes. Rubber. Cement. Meets EPA requirements for drinking water. Strong and economical. Works on virtually every kind of pipe. An easy alternative to traditional methods such as cementing, soldering, welding, sleeving and replacement. Works on wet, dry, clean and dirty or corroded pipes. Even under water, fresh or salt!! Ready to use! Pre-mixed. Pre-measured. Cures in 30 minutes at 70+ F / 21+ C.

POW-R WRAP+ is ideal for all fluid bearing pipes and hoses: Water. Steam. Air. Gas. Sewage. Fuel. Hydraulics. Recommended for structural repairs to brackets, fencing, support, exhausts& mufflers and tools. Contains no harmful solvents. Can be used on water and food service lines. Chemically resistant to diesel fuel, petroleum products, halocarbon, and (after curing) alcohols.

Technical Information:
• Form - Impregnated Fiberglass Cloth
• Color - Grey
• Fabrication Method - Wet Lay-up
• Number of Wraps Required - 8 (min) for High Pressure
• Cure cycle @ 70+F / 21+C - 30 minutes (wet)
• Hardness v cured laminate - 53 Barcol
• Heat resistance - 1197+F / 647+C
• Dielectric Strength - 16,969
• Line pressures - 600 PSI / 40 KPA
• Shelf life - Unlimited when properly stored

POW-R WRAP+ was developed as a simple, user-friendly method of repairing leaks and breaks in water lines. However, upon its introduction to the marketplace, many more uses for POW-R WRAP+ became apparent. The POW-R WRAP+ kit is now being used throughout the world in plants, factories, ships, schools, oil and gas companies, utility companies, lawn and garden maintenance businesses, hatcheries, wineries, farms and plantations. POW-R Wrap is solving such problems as corrosion prevention, gas line repair, insulation, encapsulation and the strengthening of all types of pipes and hoses.