Azlon WGR Colored 500mL Wash Bottles

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Azlon part numbers WGR038P, WGR136P, and WGR138P are each narrow mouth wash bottles with 500mL capacity, of various colors.


  • Bottles made from flexible low density polyethylene (LDPE),
  • Swivel dispensing closures made from polypropylene (PP), matching the color of the bottle,
  • Packaged individually, or in boxes of five,
  • Ideal for color-coding purposes.

These traditional style 500 ml plastic wash bottles are made of LDPE plastic and are available in red, green, yellow and blue. Wash bottles are supplied with matching closures and come capped in shrink-wrapped packs of five.

Use these convenient color-coded wash bottles to help keep your solutions and solvents organized and easily identifiable. Maximum temperature of LDPE is 80°c.

Colored wash bottles provided with matching closure

Provided with polypropylene (PP) closures

WGR038P RED Wash Bottle, Narrow Mouth, 500mL, LDPE,

WGR136P Yellow Wash Bottle, Narrow Mouth, 500mL, LDPE,

WGR138P Blue Wash Bottle, Narrow Mouth, 500mL, LDPE,