Coretex 71670 SunX Sunscreen 2 Oz, 4 Oz Spray Bottle

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Coretex Products 71670 SunX Sunscreen 2 Oz, 4 Oz Spray Bottle

Sun X SPF 30+ Broad Spectrum Sunscreen has been tested by an independent laboratory, allowing the following claims to be made:

• FDA compliant with new FDA Sunscreen Monograph

• Contains Aloe Vera Gel & Vitamin E

• Broad Spectrum Sunscreen with UVA/UVB protection

• Passed the Lineman’s Glove Test (Type 1 Class 2 ANSI/ASTM D 120)

• FDA rated Water Resistant with maximum allowed duration time (80 minutes).

• PABA Free & Oil Free


Don’t be fooled by sunscreen labels that boast of high SPF’s. Anything higher than SPF 50+ can tempt you to be in the sun too long, potentially suppressing sunburn but not any other kind of skin damage.

The FDA states any SPF rated above 50+ is misleading. For the safest and most effective sunscreen, make sure to use nothing lower than SPF 15 and nothing higher than SPF 50+, reapply often and make sure your sunscreen is rated as Broad Spectrum with an 80 minute water resistance duration time.

Helpful Hints:

Apply sunscreen at least 15 minutes before going outside.

Liberally apply sunscreen to exposed areas.

Rub in thoroughly

Apply sunscreen first before applying insect repellent.

Note: CDC and EPA do not recommend using a combination sunscreen-insect repellent. Apply sunscreen first then insect repellent.