DBI/SALA® Talon™ 100% Tie-Off 1/4 -2 1/4 Aluminum Hook Self Retracting Lifeline

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6' Talon Twin-Leg Self Retracting Web Lifeline with 100% Tie-Off, 1" Nylon Webbing On Each Leg and 3/4" Self-Locking Snap Hooks On Tail Ends

*Added mobility with two 6 foot lifelines within one unit

*100% tie-off capabilities for safe work at heights

*Inertia activated for quick response time and reduced arresting forces

*Compact, lightweight design

*Durable nylon housing with quick connect handle, rugged and lightweight for attachment to harness

*No service/re-certification required, reduces cost of ownership

*Extra-strong and long-lasting materials for extended product life

*1 inch nyon web lifelines

*Includes Delta Comfort Pad and 2 lanyard keepers

*Meets or exceeds all applicable industry standards including OSHA, ANSI and the stringent ANSI Z359

*Weight 5.0 lbs

Style: Talon Twin-Leg Self Retracting Web Lifeline

Length: 6 Ft

Lifeline: 1″ Nylon Webbing

Hooks: 3/4″ Self-Locking Snap Hooks

The industry's first twin-leg SRL incorporates two separate 6 ft. lifelines that extend and retract as the worker moves providing continuous fall protection and added mobility. Talon's automatic, inertia activated brake will stop a fallen worker within inches, limiting forces to 900 lbs. or less for added safety.