Dukal Cohesive Bandages

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(08-1000): 1 x 10yd. Each for $1.20.

(08-1001): 1 x 15yd. Each for $1.60.

Cohesive gauze tape is a unique material that "sticks" only to itself. It can be used in industry for finger and hand protection, in medical applications to hold bandages or splints in place, or for any activity where grip is important. Applied to tools, raquets and other equipment, provides an improved grip for sports, gardening, construction and other activities. It is currently used in thousands of industries and activities around the globe. Protect your most valuable assets... your fingers and hands!

Cohesive Bandages

Provides consistent support and maintains compression
Can easily be torn by hand and is self adherent; no clips or fasteners are needed
Lightweight, porous, and conforms well with movement