IIT 14500 Dual Head Truck Tire Inflator With Gauge 10-120 PSI

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Illinois Industrial Tool Logo  IIT 14500 Commercial Dual Head Truck Tire Inflator With Gauge 10-120 PSI
Tire Inflator with Gauge is a Garage Essential

Fast, flexible and built tough for thousands of fills, this IIT tire inflator with gauge delivers, accurate pressure to car, truck, bike and off road tires while eliminating the hassle of having to cart around an extra gauge. Perfect for pro and home garages alike, this inflator features a flexible hose attachment that grants you access to spaces Others can't get into while featuring an ergonomically designed handle ,it's easy to use no matter how many tires you top up in a day.

Featuring high strength, corrosion resistant fittings, crimped joints and a hardy hose, this tire inflator with gauge is built to last for years of dependable service, while its clearly marked, pressure gauge ensures that no matter how fast you’re moving, every fill will be accurate to the pound. A great tool that will help you get the most out of every tire you own, take hold of this inflator and top it up right with IIT.