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For over 15 years, we've been powering the education for OSHA professionals as the largest provider of occupational safety training. Our online courses were built around you - your budget, schedule, career and your business needs.


Confined Space Entry Training

What Is Confined Space Training All About?

Confined spaces, no matter how common in construction and general industries, are inherently hazardous and not meant for continuous occupancy. To fully understand the health and safety risks of entering and working in confined spaces, workers are required to take confined space entry training in compliance with OSHA requirements.

Who Should Take Confined Space Training?

These online training programs are ideal for workers and professionals who must work in or around confined spaces—including storage bins, silos, manholes, pits, pipelines, underground vaults, tanks, and process vessels.

Construction and general industry workers, attendants, authorized entrants, entry supervisors, and even rescue personnel need to take confined space training, as required by industry–specific OSHA regulations. Supplementary training may be necessary, depending on particular on–site hazards at work. Reach out to local regulatory authorities for complete training guidelines.

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More About Our Comprehensive Online Training Library

More About Our Comprehensive Online Training Library

Looking to upgrade your skills or start a new career? Through our comprehensive training library developed by subject matter experts who are certified professionals in their industry, you can be well on your way to reach the finish line and achieve your learning goals. No matter what your schedule looks like, you'll be able to learn at your own pace from the comfort of your home or office. Our auto-bookmarking feature within our courses ensures that you'll never lose your progress and with built-in knowledge checks and exams, you'll be able to retain information and implement these critical skills into your work life. Learning has never been this simple with our easy-to-use online platform.

We believe It's never too late for a new beginning, so even if you are looking for new career opportunities and you have the will to succeed then we encourage you to take your first step and let your journey toward professional improvement start today!