Thermotux Cooling Vest Size Small TTY-OS, Thermo Tux 100% Cotton, Orange

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Thermotux Cooling Vest Size Small TTY-OS, Thermo Tux 100% Cotton, Orange, 

Thermotux Cool-Aid vest body temp control system wear the Termotux Cool-Aid vest at work or anytime the heat has you running for cover!

Traffic control, Guard duty, Sec. work, riding, running, cycling, construction, roofing and other activities.

In heat and sun conditions take a toll on the person and performance.

The Cool-Aid Vest makes hot and dangerous working conditions safer by effectively cooling the upper body to reduce skin temperature.

When worn beneath body armor, you get much needed cooling relief and the added value of more cushioned comfort.

The Cool Vest is a personal cooling system that is effective, reliable, and easy to use.

This vest removes body heat from the torso of the wearer. Since the cool vest is a stylish vest, it can be worn at work or anytime the heat has you running for cover.

Riding, running, cycling, yard work and other activities that are hard to do in the summer can be done comfortably with the cool vest.

You NEVER need to chill the vest down, and it's easy to use.

Just soak the vest in water and you're ready to go.

No refrigeration, freezing or awkward "blue ice" packs to mess with! Best of all, the Cool Vest lasts for up to two days on just one soaking

The Cool Vest is safe, non-toxic and made in the USA. The Cool Vest is not to be used as a flotation device.


Before soaking your vest, shake the tubes to help distribute the beads evenly throughout the tubes.

The tubes are the inch wide strips of fabric running vertically through the vest.

Evenly distributing the beads before soaking will make inflation of your vest much easier!

Soak your vest in a large enough vessel (kitchen sink, bathtub, etc.) to allow it to lie as flat as possible and completely cover the vest (water temperature is not important).

Do not soak your vest for longer than 20 minutes.

At least three times during the soaking, work the beads through the tubes to make sure that they are evenly distributed and to remove any air pockets.

The More you squeeze the beads through the tubes with your hands, the faster your vest will pump up.

When the tubes are fully inflated (usually about 20 minutes), you are ready to enjoy your Cool Vest!

You may blot your vest dry with a towel or hang dry to remove any excess water.

Your Cool Vest is now ready to provide you with up to two days of personal cooling!

When your vest is deflated, simply re-soak and use it again and again!