WC 5040 ErgoKneel Handy Mat 1 Kneeling Mat

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Working Concepts 5040 ErgoKneel Handy Mat 1 Kneeling Mat

The ErgoKneel mats are movable, durable ergonomic pads that create a comfortable area for standing or kneeling.

The ErgoKneel is made of heavy, resilient, closed-cell foam rubber, not hard plastic.

These mats are designed to resist compression set and do not absorb liquids.

They are impervious to petroleum products and are self-extinguishing. Great for severe kneeling conditions on cold hard steel, concrete, grating and gravel surfaces.

8 X 16 Item # 5040

Key Features:

* Reduces knee trauma and low back stress

* Foam is one-inch thick

* Pain free kneeling increases productivity

* Built-in handle

* Easy to carry

* Easy to store